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"Best Dry Dog/Puppy Food"

If your puppy or dog is a picky eater or won't eat try giving them a pea size drop of "Adult-Cal" or "Tomlyn Nutri-Ca" otherwise known as "Nutri-Cal" a tasty source of calories and nutrients. "Stella & Chewy's" Chicken flavored Meal Mixers.... It is freeze - Dried Raw.  Put some in goats milk to soften the food and watch your pup eat... thy love it!  You can get it at:, Grain-Free Dog Food - Stella & Chewy's - or

After you pup starts to eating will you can go back to giving your pup the dry food of your choice.

Fromm  Dry puppy/dog food. Fromm carries different kinds of flavored dry puppy/dog food ...with or without grain. You can get it at: or Petz 


Nutro Ultra Small Breed 

    " All ingredients for this band is made in the U.S.A. “


    a unique combination of farm-raised chicken, pasture-fed lamb and salmon ensure optimal Amino Acid levels and great taste for your dog.

    3 Lean Proteins - Whole Grains & Natural Oils -

    Powerful Antioxidants

    No Corn Gluten - No Corn, Wheat or Soy,

    No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives.



100%, holistic dry dog food

No red dye colors, No Grains, No Soy,

No Corn, No chicken by products

PURE Foundations for Puppies


    Other dry dog/puppy food you might want to try....

    Purina Pro Plan,

     Solid Gold,

    Natural Balance

    California Natural,



    Blue Buffalo,

    Prairie blend- chicken & brown rice

    Just to name a few I recommend.


These dry dog/puppy food will  help maintain and provide your Maltese dog/puppy with a good healthy diet for a long lasting life! .


Most of  these dog food products can be found at your local Petz Store, Petco Pet Store  or Pets-mart Stores.

"When changing your pups food"


When changing over to a new brand of dry dog/puppy  food mix half and half your dry puppy/dog food with the new puppy/dog  food gradually ending up with the brand you would prefer for your puppy or dog.

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