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 Most of our Maltese puppies mature at 4 to 6 pounds; although on occasion we do have smaller ones.


We breed according to the AKC Maltese standards and when we have an extraordinarily nice pups we have on occasion kept them for ourselves. 


Our puppies are well socialized and loved inside our home as part of our family.


You can be reassured that you are purchasing into top quality healthy happy loving puppies with an out going personality.


There are no shy puppies here!


Our puppies are truly loved with no health issues and we do not inbreed.


We invite you to come by our home and meet our little puppies, their parents and to see just how they are being raised in a fresh smelling clean home environment without being caged, to insure the well being and happiness.


Our puppies are not limited to looks and quality that the dog is, but genetics and health are high priorities in our program.


We try very hard to place our puppies in good loving homes.


We do not sell to commercial breeders, pet stores for resale, large kennels, or any other environment were they won’t get the love and attention they deserve.


We have extraordinarily nice baby doll face puppies, offering top show line A.K.C quality dogs.


Our Maltese puppies are home-raised inside our home with lots of love, healthy and full of energy, ready for "YOU".


We breed a cording to the AKC standards.


Our sires & dams are all within the 4-6 lb. range, which produce gorgeous petite & compact puppies. 


Our passion for these wonderful small, healthy, sweet tempered companion with beautiful silky white hair, there is no compare — they're loved, cuddled, and spoiled.


Each puppy will have a complete care package, vet checked, dewclaw’s removed , up to date vaccinations and ed-wormed Health Record Pamphlet.

"Our Children of Angels”

My two boys are from Korea

Zeus - "SawStar's Faithful Steward of the Gods”

He has 27 Champions in his 5 Generation Pedigree.

As you can see he has a "Drop Dead Gorgeous Baby Doll Face to Die For!” With a nice square  body, short legs and a level top-line. Beautiful pure white straight silky soft coat and great scissor bite teeth. He has nice black points.

Aragon -“Chumaly SawStar’s Night of the Realm”

Aragon has a beautiful baby doll face! “As you can see he is drop dead Gorgeous!”He is very sweet and  loving with a great active energetic out going personality, nice square body with a level top-line.

He has a beautiful pure white soft straight silky coat. Great scissor bite teeth. Nice black points.

Fiona - “SawStar’s Cherubs Children of Angels”

She is“Champion Sired"

She has 32 Champions in her 5 Generation Pedigree.

As you can see she is just gorgeous!

She has a Beautiful baby doll face with a very shot nose. . Her coat is  pure silky soft. She has a very nice square body with a level top-line. She is a real princess and she'll  let you know it! She has made gorgeous puppies to Die For!

Celina - “Piccolo’s Heaven’s Star Goddess”

She is "Champion Sired"

She has 45 Champions in her 5 Generation Pedigree.

She is very sweet and  loving. She has a gorgeous baby doll face, very nice black pigments, square body with a level top-line and beautiful silky soft fine coat. Nice scissor bite teeth and beautiful big black eyes to die for! She also has made gorgeous puppies to Die For!

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