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I bathe my puppies at the kitchen sink.

Always test the water while filling the sink to make sure it’s at the right temperature, then add a little bit of gentle oatmeal shampoo to get your puppy squeaky clean.

After shampooing drain the water and refill the sink again with warm water making sure the water is at the right temperature. Rinse well and Remove your puppy and towel dry completely removing as much water as possible ...


*Don’t forget to dry out their ears!


*Gently brush while blowing the hair with a hair dryer on low warm heat until your puppy is completely dry.

* Keep the hair cut around the buttocks area, so that, the poop does not get stuck in the hair under the tail. 


* Pluck hair out of the ears so the ears stay nice and dry.


* Trim the hair around the toes and clip the toe nails.


* Make sure to brush their teeth often to avoid gingivitis  

that is a common form of periodontal disease that causes the gums to become inflamed irritated and red, and to avoid tarter build up on the teeth.

For your adult Maltese I use Oatmeal puppy shampoo around the face or all over the whole body for dogs who have itchy skin problems caused by dry sensitive skin otherwise, Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner is a great 

product for washing your dog. After shampooing Refill the sink/tub again with warm water adding a few drops of Neutrogena Body Oil this Product with your favorite conditioner in clean warm water.


"Neutrogena Body Oil" is a light oil that has no perfume, which makes the Maltese hair look and feel silky, smooth and shiny, easier to De-tangle, without weighing the hair down. I always use this oil to

keep the skin soft and from drying out from the summer heat or cold weather.

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