"Runny Eyes"

For eye Facial tear Stains

choose bottled spring water instead of

water from the faucet ..

Water from the faucet has iron

and hard harsh minerals. 

Bottled water is a much healthier choice for your pet.

  Always have clean water available for them every day!

 I don't believe in any products promising wonders.

What I found that really works

is to cut the hairs

at the corners of your Maltese

eyes twice a week so that the hair does

not irritate the eyes.

You can dab a little bit of Corn Starch with your finger 

to the face just like you would make-up

 to help keep the face nice and dry.

Another thing you can do is to

sprinkling powdered buttermilk on their dog food.

I also give my Maltese

bite size raw carrots

 for cleaning their teeth,

  which is good for their eyes

as well as blueberries for their eyes.

I'm not a fan of giving

dogs Antibiotics.

Antibiotics lowers your dogs Immune system 

same as it does in humans,

your dogs eye stains can come back

darker by using antibiotics.



Unless You know what you're doing!

Although I have tried Fish Cycling once

in the past and it does work wonders...

Fish Cycling

(Tetracycline Powder)

This product in only for adult dogs.

Do this after your pups has adult teeth!

Fish Cycling

(Tetracycline Powder)

You can ask for it at

 Revival Animal Health  at

1-800-786-4751 for more detail

to get the correct dosage

for the weight of your Maltese

     Try natural dry dog food 

that does not have red dies, 

or  corn or chicken by products.

" Children's Benadryl"

For your pups stained eyes.

This website will give you the correct dose for your size pup

http://benadrylfordogs.com info/benadryl-dosage-for-dogs/

Try using Children’s Benadryl instead of antibiotics.

Use Children’s Benadryl or a generic band from the

Dollar Tree Store called Allergy Liquid that is alcohol

free for itchy runny eyes. I use a eye dropper for my

adult dogs whenever their eyes get to runny....

which happens the most whenever 

the wind blows dust and pollen in the air.

For more help problems on eye stains

Please contact:

Revival Animal Health

at: 1-800-786-4751

"Gently Pluck Hair from Maltese Ears"

Gently pluck the hair out of your Maltese ears

so that the ears stay nice and dry.

This also helps keep your Maltese eyes

from watering which causes eye stains.

"Ear Cleaning"

Carefully wipe out the inside of your Maltese ears

with rubbing alcohol.

The cotton swab should be nice a clean after cleaning, 

but if it is brown your Maltese has ear mites,

which can spread quickly to your other dogs.

After cleaning out the ears with olive oil allowing some to

go into the ear chamber cavity and gently massage,

and wipe away any excess oil.

The olive oil will drown and kill the ear mites.

After a few days check your Maltese ears again.

You should see brown crusty dead ear mites

coming out of your Maltese ears.

Check ears often and repeat the

cleaning process as needed.

Just so you know ear mites also can cause eye staining.

"Please Consult Your Vet"

For any Questions or Concerns

 Good Luck!