"Photos Sent In By Satisfied Customers"

Don Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel with Pepper‏

Pepper is living the life of leisure,

but always willing and ready to go

thru life journey with me.


The following puppies are from 

Jordy and Fiona litters. Enjoy!

Male puppy

from Jordy & Fiona first litter

He was adopted to a family with four healthy boys.

We love him so much!


Mikey                       and                                 Molly

from Jordy & Fiona litter

Mickey is such a great dog, we love him so much.

He's also the smartest dog we have ever had.

It's like he understands our words.

Thanks for making him possible.

Our little Mikey is so wonderful.

We are so excited that Molly has joined our family as well.

Stella is such a great breeder,

we would never consider going anywhere else.

Don and Lori


from Jordy and Fiona litter

Spencer is always eager to go for a ride.

He is enjoying life. We just adores him!

Here he is wearing his

favorite sweater from Michigan,

when ever we go there

it keeps him nice and warm.

Winston has joined his brother Spencer for Thanksgiving!

Spencer and Winston have the same canine parents.

Julie & Eric

Tiffany and Ariel

from Jordy and Fiona litter

These girls are totally inseparable,

they play a lot together and are very smart.

When it comes to getting toys or anything for our girls

they both get the same thing.

Mary & Don

Kirby feeling handsome and in 2 days will be 11 months old. 

He is the best!!!

He is so dang cute. He weighs 4 lbs, 10 oz. 

Loves his toys, plays all the time. 

And he's so good at entertaining himself 

when we can't play with him. 

He's an absolute perfect little guy. 

Pictures of Kirby sent in by

Jeannie and Gary