"Males Verses Females"

      What makes a better family pet males or females?

This is the most often asked question.

Either sex can make a great pet. If you are thinking you must have

a female, please seriously consider this: Males, many times get a

bad rap, mostly because people don't understand that if neutered

at around 5 or before 6 months, they are almost guaranteed not

to mark their territory. Marking is a hormonal response which

neutering usually solves, and he won’t exhibit undesirable

behavior associated with a UN-neutered male dog. Many vets,

groomers and trainers overwhelmingly consider a male's

temperament to be even sweeter than the female! A females can

be aggressive, and dominate, prone to mood swings that’s why

they call her the B-word. for a reason. Males are not as

independent as a female. Neutered male dogs make the most

sweetest loving, affectionate companion, and less prone to mood

swings. You can dress up both with bows and costumes just the

same. One quote that is full of truth is "the female says, "love me,

love me" and the males always say, "I love you, I love you". So

don't let the male/female issues be the only determining factor in

selection. Maltese, well bred, are unbeatable in temperament

and intelligence. They are both equally wonderful. Both come in

tiny , medium or larger sizes and contrary to what some may

think about other breeds, a Maltese male are just as easy to potty

train as a female.