"Hypoglycemia is (low blood sugar)


Traveling By Plane - SawStar's  Maltese puppies are veterinarian

checked to ensure their health prior to leaving our home an

given "Nutri-Stat" or "Nutri-Cal" a high calorie food supplement

so we know that your new Maltese baby will be healthy and safe

while traveling home to their new home!

Your puppy will have food and water available during their

flight, but often the puppy doesn't always eat and is under a lot of

stress. You will need to have Nutri-Cal or Nutri-Stat even Karo

Syrup will do on hand to give to your pup right away

when picking up your new puppy from the airport. Puppies

should not go no more then a couple of hours

without eating. Your puppy a very limited reserve - they will go

into shock and then die if they do not eat! This is called

Hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar). Always keep food and water


Keep track on how much they are eating when traveling or after

purchasing your puppy and taking it home.

Traveling By Car

Please have on hand Nutri-Cal or Nutri-Stat and or Karo syrup

PRIOR to purchasing your puppy to prepare them for traveling.

Hypoglycemia is probably the most important thing you can

learn about. New and transitioning toy or teacup puppies are

very susceptible to low blood sugar due to their small liver size

and the fact that they will not eat as well the first few days in a

new home. In case of emergency have one of these on hand:

Honey or Karo Syrup or Nutri-Cal or Nutri-Stat. If your pup acts

lethargic or can’t hold his head up act quickly! Nutri-Cal is not

going to work if your pup is already crashed. Nutri-Cal is a

preventative not a treatment. Put on 1/2 tsp or about the size of a

pea of karo syrup or honey or pancake syrup on your finger

to put it on your puppies gums or in the mouth ASAP to make the

puppy eat it about every 15 min to an hour or two till standing and

playing on its
own. You can also put your puppy on a heat pad

with several
towels between puppy and heating pad until you get


I’m available 24/7 for emergencies,

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