“Home Remedies”


"Cleaning Your Dog Pen"

(this is how it comes)

Use 2 Tbs.  Pro-Tec

with one Gallon of water... for cleaning your

dog pen or floor.

Pro-Tec - is a Chlorhexidine

Gluconate 2% w/v Solution

Anticeptic - Disinfectant

You can make a Mouth Wash using

1cc of Pro-Tec
in a Gallon of water for your pup.

You can get this at

Revival Animal Health

1-800-785- 4751
or revivalanimal.com


" To Stop Puppy From Chewing on

Wooden Furniture"

Spray Lemon Juice on the wooden area

that you don't want

your puppy to chew on. 

"Pee Wee Pad Floor Cover"

For  underneath your pups Potty Pad

to keep your floor nice and dry. 

6Pc Interlocking Outdoor Patio Flooring Tile Set

Item: #22485

Website: www.CollectionsEtc.com

or Call: 1-620-584-8000

These floor tiles will keep your floor nice and dry

when your puppy urinate on the pee wee pad.

I love it!!!!

Please change the pee wee pad often 

so it won't get too soiled

otherwise your puppy will stop use it.

"Dental Care"

 To help clean your pups teeth

give them raw carrots

peel off the skin and cut into bite size pieces.


You can also give your pup goat or pig hoofs to chew on.

No Raw Beef Bones Any More-round-soup-bones.jpg

Your dog/puppy also loves
to dig out bone marrow

 from raw soup bones.

You can find this at your local Safeway Store,

they love it!

Don't worry dogs have a short digestive tract

with strong stomach acids that 

protect them from

getting sick from bacteria on Raw Meat.

"Kennel Cough & The Colds"

Try children’s Robitussin for an adult dogs

(one or two cc’s syringe

or with an eye dropper one or two, ml

Adjust the amount according to your dog's weight.

For puppies ½ cc’s or ½ ml

every 4-6 hrs).

The only time to use antibiotics is

when it tries to move into the chest.


You can try giving your pup  a little bit of Pepito-Bismol.

Adjust the amount according to your dog's weight,

Or better yet

Stop feeding your pup their dog food

and try this....until your pup start feeling better,...

Minute Instant Enriched Long Grain White Rice, 28 oz


Cook up some white rice and cooked potatoes,

mixed it with chicken 

smashed up Vienna sausage for taste.

Let cool then feed this to your pup until they stop

having diarrhea. Then  you can go back to feeding your

Maltese their dry dog/puppy food again.

Watch your dog's weight and change feeding amounts as 


"Picky Eaters"

For puppies that have trouble eating

I give them yogurt

(Activia vanilla)

they love it!

"Always Remember"


o have dry dog/puppy food,

and fresh clean bottled water


 "Please Consult Your Vet"

For any Questions or Concerns