“Getting Ready for a Puppy"


So you are considering on adopting a puppy, well you are in good

company. Puppies make energetic, amusing companions, but you

should make sure you are ready for a puppy before you purchase

one, because bringing a puppy into your family is a long-term


Getting a puppy take patience, dedication and responsibility.

Having a puppy is not just all fun and games.

You can give your puppy a treats now and then, but too much 

can give them diarrhea. If this happens you can give them a

little Pesto-Bismol, but I prefer to cook up some white rice

with chicken or Vienna Sausage and some of  my puppy's

favorite dog food. Wait until mixture cools down

enough to feed  your puppy or your adult dog....

they will just love it!

Here are a few tips to follow when purchasing your new puppy

"You will need to have patience’s, and more patience's" 

1) Your puppy will need you to provide them with a safe,

warm and quiet spot where they can play and walk around,

like a x-pen, bathroom with a dogie gate or play pin with

pee wee pads on one side and bedding on the other with

some chew toys when you are unable to

play with them.

2)The play pen or bathroom is also great place for them

when you are unable to give your puppy undivided


3) Keep your puppy in the play pen or bathroom when

you are not at home.

4) Within 30 minutes of feeding make sure to

Keep the pee wee pad near by your puppy because

when they got to go they got to go NOW!

Puppies do not have good control yet and will poop or

urinate on the closes thing near by.

Catching your puppy in the act of going poop or

urinating off their pee wee pad clap your hands or slap

the wall. Make any loud noise you can to interrupt

them in the process of potting on the floor. Then scoop

your up and place your pup on their pee wee pad.

Never hit them or rub their nose in the mess!

5) If you catch your Maltese puppy in the act of potting

place him immediately on the  pee wee pad so they can

finish there.

6) Do not hit your Maltese puppy. You should expect a

few accidents during the house breaking process.

Whatever you do, do not punish your puppy! Don't rub

his nose in the mess and don't discipline after he's

already eliminated in the house because you think he

knows what he did. This will only confuse and

intimidate your  Maltese puppy. Instead reward with

treats whenever they go potty on the pee wee pad or

when your puppy goes out side. To avoid accidents

while housebreaking, pay attention to how your puppy

signals like turning around in circle looking for a

smelly spot to potty. Keeping  the pee wee

clean. Your puppy will not go on the pee wee pad if it is

too soiled or pooped on. They will go somewhere else

specially if they smell urine somewhere else on the floor.

So  always keep pee wee pad and your floors clean. .

Keep the pee wee pad near by your puppy because

when they got to go they got to go NOW!

Puppies do not have good control yet and will poop or

urinate on the closes thing near by.

7) As soon as your puppy has received its third set of

shots you can begin putting them outside to go potty.

8) After a while they will get trained to go outside or

pee on the pee wee pad. A couple of pushes through the

dogie door helps or take your puppy out at the same

place every time and give them praise this will help

them learn faster letting them know they are doing a

good job! They love to please their master.

9) The end result will be that you will get a well trained

well behaved  Maltese puppy and a happy owner too!

The first weeks of potty training your new Maltese

puppy may be a little trying at times but it well worth it

in the end. You will have a life long friend while your

new puppy is getting used to his or her new family.

Just be consistent in your training and follow a routine

otherwise you will confuse your puppy, causing him/her

to have more accidents and have a much harder time

with potty training. Remember dogs are creators of


10) Never ever leave your puppy out side in the cold or

hot weather as your puppy could die! They are a lap

dog to be loved and cared for in side your home to run

free, healthy and happy!  Not caged up 24/7!


 You will need to groom your puppy regularly to help

them stay happy, healthy and safe.

 In spite of the many benefits there are risks in owning a puppy.

You need to consider the cost of dog food, vet bills and the

cost of grooming and boarding your dog.

 Although it is true owning a puppy carries many benefits.

Research has shown that owing a dog actually has health

benefits. A Maltese can lower your blood pressure and

stress relief. Puppies are automatic mood-boosters. It is

nearly impossible to stay upset or sad when playing with a

puppy, and owning a dog will help you to feel less lonely,

even if your house is otherwise empty.