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"Bath Time"

"Taking out Hard Knots"


I have found using a product called "ShowSheen" a Showring

shine original hair polish and de-tangler product that is often

used on horses can also be used on Maltese. This ShowSheen's

original formula has been enriched with pro-vitamins and silk

proteins to strengthen hair and give it a lustrous, healthy, shine, a

lasting shine that lasts for a full week.

This product will help you reduce your amount of work time in half

getting out all the tangles from your Maltese puppy. After using

this you might want to bathe your puppy as it may make your

Maltese hair too greasy.

I prefer to use

Oatmeal Puppy Shampoo

Protects delicate skin or around the face

Tear - Free

Natural colloidal oatmeal

Moisturizes for 24 hours

These products are available at most local store
near you.

"It is important to Bush Often"

It is very important to brush your Maltese every day if possible.

When brushing out your puppies hair

knots start from the ends of the hair

gently working towards the body

taking a little bit of hair at a time. 

With the hard knots soak the hard knots with

ShowSheen to make it easier to remove.

"Remove Hair From Inside of the Ears"

It is Important to Keep the Hair out of the inner ear

to make sure that the ears stay nice and dry

to avoid ear infection and facial eye stain,

"Bathing Your Maltese"

Jhirmack Silver Plus Brightening Shampoo

is a great Shampoo for whitening the hair...

I love it!

Jhirmack Distinctions Silver Plus Ageless Shampoo 13.6 oz

Sometimes I will bathe my Maltese in the kitchen sink. Always

test the water first while poring water into the sink or bath tub

 make sure
it’s at the right temperature then

Silver Plus  will not turn your Maltese blue.

Then rinse well with warm water removing all of the dirty soapy

water leaving your puppy beautiful white and  squeaky clean.

For every day use I would recommend Oatmeal shampoo or

Pantene Prov Shampoo &

Refill the
sink/tub again with

warm water adding a few drops of Neutrogena Body Oil

Product Details

with your
favorite conditioner

in clean warm water. Remove your Maltese puppy and towel dry

completely  removing as much water as
possible ... Don’t

forget to dry out their ears!

Comb or brush thoroughly gently brush

while blowing the hair dry on low warm heat.

"When to Us Oatmeal Puppy Shampoo"

Oatmeal puppy shampoo is best around the face or all

over the whole body for dogs who have itchy skin problems

caused by dry
sensitive skin.

"Neutrogena Body Oil"

Neutrogena Body Oil is a light oil

that has no perfume, which makes

the Maltese hair look and feel silky, smooth and shiny, easier to

De-tangle, without weighing the hair down. I always use this oil to

keep the skin soft and from drying out from the summer heat or

cold weather.

"New Born Puppies Do Not Need to be Bathe"

Puppies do not need to be bathed. They are cleaned up by their

mother ever so often.

If you have to clean them up, I would use an

unscented soft baby wipes and warm water.

"Affordable Dog Shampoo and Conditioner"

 Shampoos and conditioners I would recommend would be

Oatmeal Puppy Shampoo, Jhirmack Silver Plus

Brightening shampoo,  Mane ’n Tail or

Pantene. If you’re Maltese scratches always use

oatmeal shampoo. These products

are affordable safe to use on your Maltese.

"For professional dog shampoo, conditioner"

I recommend Pure Paws, #1 All System,

Bio-Groom, Coat Handler

and Crown Royal.

"Keep Hair Trimmed Around Potty Area"

This is very important. What happens is when you don't trim the

hair around the potty area it becomes matted and poop will

become compacted on the rear. This is a painful

thing and requires soaking in warm water and clipping the hair

away. You might have to apply some kind of Ointment like

Neosporin, Desitin or coconut oil to heal and soften the area.

Please take notice this can happen anytime to any dog or puppy

that has long hair. Just raise that tail and keep an eye on it!

Good Luck and have fun with your new baby puppy.